Thursday, June 23, 2016

DIY Cost-friendly Cosplay- Part One- DIY Tail made out of yarn!

Hello, internet! It's Amanda and this week I will be posting about... a DIY cost-friendly cosplay! I don't have a ton of money, so this cosplay worried me a bit in terms of being able to afford it. Thankfully, thrift stores are a girl's best friend! This cosplay is versatile, cheap, and super simple to make! For the first part of the cosplay, you will need:

-100% acrylic yarn (I suggest going to your local Michael's, they have a huge selection of yarn)

-Pet brush (it needs to have metal bristles, like in the picture below)

Alright! I am blogging about the tail first because it takes the longest to make. Let's begin! Get your yarn and measure it as long as you want your tail to be. Then cut it a bit longer than that, then cut 11 more strands the same length. Knot your yarn at the top, then loosely braid your bunch of yarn. Now, knot the other end of your braid, leaving a few inches on the end. Then your pet brush comes in! Take the end of the braid you just knotted and brush out those few inches you left there until it's fluffy, which might take a little bit. Then measure out 10 pieces of yarn that are 8 inches long. Then, cut a strand of yarn and tie it around those 10 pieces of yarn. Just brush it out until it's all fluffy while holding it at the top (don't worry if the top isn't fluffy and brushed out, the next layer will cover it up). Tie it one inch above the tip of the tail that you brushed out earlier and continue the process until the first layer is complete. Then start the next layer an inch above the first one and do the same thing until your tail is complete.

Here's my tail, just to show you how it should look by the time you're halfway done(I used two colors- I'm cosplaying as Cake the Cat from Adventure time).

That's all for this week, come by next time for part two- the hoodie!

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